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Is Nick Digiovanni’s Bubble Gum Vodka Worth the Hype

  • Publicado em 17 Jan 2022
  • How good is Chef Nick Digiovanni's Bubble gum vodka?
    What kind of mixed drinks or cocktails can you make with it?
    He actually infused Tequila with bubble gum, but since vodka is the flavorless odorless spirit I decided to mix it with bubble gum
    Put bubble gum into the bottle and fill it up to the top with Tito's vodka.
    It took 24 hours, for a full infusion.
    It has a strong aroma and sweet strong bubble gum flavor. Almost hard to taste the spirit
    I mixed it with Tonic Water, made a bubble gum Mule, Bubble Gum soda
    Is the Babish Knife Worth the Hype
    How To Make a Glass Out of Ice
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • Alkh_255
    Alkh_255  +49

    I'm not drinking alcohol,but the esthetic of cocktail making,the colors, the combinations,the sound,it is so relaxing and satisfying,and you are a true professional Vlad,thx for the content

  • King_ Basic

    I love the way he says “vodka”

  • Swazzy - yt

    your voice is so smoothing ngp

  • Nick DiGiovanni

    Def worth the hype :)

  • Kyle Hurd
    Kyle Hurd  +38

    “Flavorless” bro all vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol😂 that’s not exactly flavorless.

  • Diego Gonzalez

    That looks decadent. Something I could imagine sipping near the Ocean, or on some sunny afternoon in a big city somewhere

  • Nesty
    Nesty  +5

    This man's voice paired with his incredible bar tending skills are absolutely incredible. 💯💯💯

  • Rich boi

    When your 20yrs old: aww fu

  • iyallow
    iyallow  +1

    How have I seen the same video earlier and now this is in my recommended

  • mito
    mito  +3

    Every Vlad short has the same comments xd

  • mess_905 :)

    I cant drink since im still a little too young but dude this is so calming relaxing and satisfiying

  • Nathan Ridgway

    Just made it two days ago and finished it tonight, it was delicious, thank you Vlad!

  • who cares

    What I learned from this video is that I can buy entire bulk boxes of my fav childhood bubblegum.

  • alex jeff

    Where did you get your glass bottle from? Keep up with the amazing work!

  • Der_Terminator

    That looks straight up perfect

  • Ava Montera Rodriguez

    Not many people talk about this, but the compression on your voice sounds really good. I've realized a lot of drink commercials use this technique.

  • Black Phoenix

    I can't wait till 21 to try this😭

  • TANK Ω
    TANK Ω  +1

    Me:*is 3 years sober and literally can’t drink*

  • Justarandomdude

    His voice is so smooth wtfff