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You Need to Learn this Simple Napkin Trick

  • Publicado em 16 Nov 2021
  • You Need to Learn this Simple Napkin Trick
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Comentários • 737

  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • BlazeNBA2K

    I tried this yesterday, ended up flicking a napkin onto the customers face.. Safe to say my boss was pissed

  • Tora Sama

    If Nadeking had a brother, I'm pretty sure this is what he would be sounding like..

  • BVSchaefer

    Bar trick?

  • cypherthcutter

    The king of explaining the simplest things that don’t need any explanation.

  • Aydan
    Aydan  +145

    accidentally overthrows it into customers face, tries to save it by catching it before it hits them, but ends up jabbing customer in the nose

  • Leslie Brown

    I have never in my life been anywhere where they serve me a napkin like that. I am missing out on life it seems.

  • jack buster

    And this is how you add a dollar per drink extra.

  • Jeff Tickleschitz

    If I've ever needed a tutorial, it was for this.

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith  +247

    Always gets the wows!

  • Henry Furnell

    Used to do this all the time. Loved it

  • tobiii
    tobiii  +2

    I've been doing this my entire life lmao

  • Biggiebaby
    Biggiebaby  +380

    Here's the best bar trick ever: pour the drink, go away.

  • Pavel Medbery

    That's actually pretty slick.

  • Bo Hoopster

    me: tries it with my phone

  • Victor Vargas

    10/10 couldn’t have figured this out solo

  • Kryvi
    Kryvi  +3

    very cool trick man! keep doin what you do!🔥💯

  • Muhammad Yusoff Jamaluddin

    Now I know where the toilet paper going.

  • SomeLad
    SomeLad  +2

    Yo voice is so crispy bruh. ❤️

  • twat
    twat  +1

    that was nice to look at