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How to Make an Ice Glass Out of a Balloon

  • Publicado em 19 Jan 2022
  • I recently made a cup out of ice and this hack helps you to turn a regular balloon into a fancy serving glass
    Pour water into the balloon and put it in the freezer for about 8 hours.
    Drill a hole for a straw (or two) And drain water from the inside and now you can serve any cocktails, mixed drinks, or soda right inside the ballon.
    10 Creative Cocktail Ice Ideas You Can Make at Home
    How To Make a Glass Out of Ice
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • david
    david  +21

    Imagine someone saying: "Ayo can i get the frozen balloon special?"

  • Sonny Demetro

    I can feel this man’s voice in my chest

  • NotFunny

    Water droplet

  • Sebastian Cheng

    This looks super fun to try at home, but I'm worried that my drill bits are too dirty to poke holes in the ice with

  • Qalidurut

    Wouldn't it taste like rubber

  • Park Sadia

    He say jk

  • Right Lane Must Turn Right

    Please make sure you rinse your balloons first, a lot of balloons come with some type of powder on them to prevent the insides from sticking to each other. It’s probably safe to be ingested but I’d imagine it would effect the final product of the Ice ball

  • Joseph Jordan

    That’ll be $50

  • C H
    C H 

    $30 drink

  • Scott baldwin

    Recommend heating up a metal straw to make the hole... it won't take much heat plus it is sterile and won't risk breaking the ice by using drill.

  • Lil Porky

    But... but why?

  • Ethan

    What happens when it melts

  • Michael0o0
    Michael0o0  +219

    "Here you go sir"

  • Zyronazi Nycraile

    ice taste plastic

  • YaKu_

    What if it melts

  • Fiddlin
    Fiddlin  +1

    This man makes me want to me a bartender/mixologist, and I've never even wanted to drink!

  • Anuj Gaming


  • FizzinCore

    How tf you meant to drink it

  • Mitachurl
    Mitachurl  +144

    I'm really confused on how you'll drink from that until you said to put a straw ahahaha