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Should You Spend Extra $$$ For PREMIUM Ginger Beer? šŸŗ

  • Publicado em 9 Ago 2022
  • I bought 4-packs of 6 different ginger beers ranging from $4.99 to $7.99 to see if the amount of money you spend on ginger beer determines if it is better or not. It turns out the ginger beer I spent $7.99 on was my least favorite. Can you tell which one that was by my reaction?
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ComentĆ”rios • 854

  • Ben Fletcher

    Bundaberg is my favourite but if you want a really gingery kick, thereā€™s an Australian brand called Kirkā€™s and they also make a really good Passionfruit soft drink called Pasito

  • Uxleumas

    "What is this"

  • Wyvernblue

    Using reed's makes a very, very weird moscow mule.

  • low_fat_Yogurt

    No cock n bull? The literal inventors of the moscow mule have a ginger beer too šŸ˜­

  • iluvpopcorn23

    My preferred is Fever Tree. So spicy, I love it. No other brand has that intense kick

  • jiddy30
    jiddy30  +197

    I've been struggling with this decision. Thank you.

  • Drewsyfer
    Drewsyfer  +139

    Soā€¦.what was the price of the one you picked? Maybe re-edit this video and place $ symbols above them indicating the price points

  • 606 Films
    606 Films  +88

    ā€œNo? What is this one?ā€

  • ElvenSpellmaker

    I wish you'd done the usual reveal as in the UK I don't recognise most or any of those there...

  • Chen Stormstout

    Goslingā€™s. Thatā€™s all I can say.

  • Angry-Sushi

    He drank the third one and his face just shattered šŸ˜‚

  • RazzleberryHaze

    Fever Tree is hands down my favorite. They also make some awesome tonics as well.

  • Hyrum Manuel

    I have been drinking Bundaberg ginger beer since I was 4 years old. taste amazing

  • LazerJet24Plays

    Stoney is where it's at

  • Turd Ferguson

    He picked the cheapest one lol. I've seen that one in stores but havent tried it because I was skeptical of it's cheapness.

  • Nolan Mccolly

    I love using Qā€™s Bold for my mules! I think it has the perfect balance between the ginger and liquor. Cheers!

  • Sparsh Gongale

    I found this channel randomly scrolling shorts and now it's an everyday routine.

  • birb

    ā€œThis one is heuhueheuheheuehughgheā€-Vlad Slickbartender 2022

    RAW GAMES 4 horas atrĆ”s +1

    "I bought the most popular brands"

  • MN
    MN  +3

    You have to get Reeds Strongest (purple label), thatā€™s the best version