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Is a $400 Blender Worth It? 🤑

  • Publicado em 16 Ago 2022
  • Testing out my ancient blender VS a new $400 blender. Was it worth spending that much money on a blender or did I just waste $400?
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Comentários • 1 081

  • Vlad SlickBartender
    Vlad SlickBartender  Mês atrás +277

    FACEBOOK facebook.com/vladslickbartender
    INSTAGRAM instagram.com/vladslickbartender/

    • jim dunk
      jim dunk 28 dias atrás

      Can i answer before watching the video?
      Ofcourse not you’re better than these dumb questions slick

    • Puzzle and Dragons
      Puzzle and Dragons Mês atrás

      Why don't you try the ninja blender

    • Troll Zone
      Troll Zone Mês atrás

      @yaron glam his voice…🌈🏳️‍🌈

    • yaron glam
      yaron glam Mês atrás

      Your voice 🤭🤭🤭

    • Santi_V
      Santi_V Mês atrás

      Where did you buy the knife

  • Kyle
    Kyle Mês atrás +14864

    Making a short to write off the blender lol.

    • DragonTamer31K
      DragonTamer31K 16 dias atrás

      @Zay See U tequila and lime.
      Loud music playing in the background is optional

    • Paul
      Paul 18 dias atrás

      @Wyatt smith that’s what I said I think, apologies if it wasn’t clear

    • Wyatt smith
      Wyatt smith 18 dias atrás

      @Paul you still pay for the item. Writing things off only lessens the amount of income you have to pay taxes on.

    • Hayden Hill
      Hayden Hill 25 dias atrás

      @Vlad SlickBartender I actually have this blender and I use it all the time

    • JK Joely
      JK Joely 29 dias atrás

      70th reply

  • peach_ow
    peach_ow Mês atrás +3375

    I understand the price can be off-putting to some, but you can't understate the importance of smoothness when making something like an almond butter, where texture is paramount. They are pricey but 100% worth it

    • peach_ow
      peach_ow 26 dias atrás

      @Capybara L + ur poor

    • Capybara
      Capybara 27 dias atrás

      No they're not

    • peach_ow
      peach_ow 28 dias atrás

      @Sachin J if you make $200 a month you have bigger problems than a fucking blender my guy

    • Sachin J
      Sachin J 28 dias atrás

      Don't know men, my 2 months of income for a blender sound kinda sus

    • Glitter Gamer
      Glitter Gamer Mês atrás

      @itachisasku Clearly you've never seen a Vitamix in action, because Ninja blenders do not beat the Vitamix. I've seen countless blenders in action, all the cheap ones at least, and the one that has last so far is my now three year old Vitamix blender. It's a newer model, but my Dad still has his from like 10 years ago, meaning they're built to last a long long time. Had a Ninja, lasted about 4 years before the top broke, started needing to be rocked to mix things, and it didn't last any longer than my Hamilton blender that I got right after. I use blenders a lot in my cooking, so the Vitamix has been an investment and a lasting kitchen tool.

  • DeathBySmiles
    DeathBySmiles Mês atrás +7767

    “Should you buy an expensive blender for your drinks?”
    Me with $3.62: “i gotta see this”

    • 助カルロス
      助カルロス 20 dias atrás

      same lmao

    • Stock Hodler Sunny
      Stock Hodler Sunny 26 dias atrás

      So here’s what you do. You get a job and then you automatically have more than a $3.62 net worth

    • Adrian Yeager
      Adrian Yeager Mês atrás

      I’m connected to my neighbors wifi and with an overdue phone payment

    • JetSky
      JetSky Mês atrás

      You want my 9 year old favorite brother to give you 100k?
      no cap bro has his “mommy’s” credit card
      im not spoiled its just him.

    • Garrett Arters
      Garrett Arters Mês atrás

      @Ash Dawson sac. Sssssssssssss

  • itogi
    itogi Mês atrás +3162

    That blender was not a waste of money, it blended better

    • Elle
      Elle 11 dias atrás

      @elwoodzmake his old blender isnt out of box

    • LingoTeen
      LingoTeen 11 dias atrás

      3000th like I guess

    • DaQuayShaun
      DaQuayShaun 15 dias atrás

      But he said there was no taste difference, also just because someone thing looks different than the other, doesn’t mean the one that looks different is gonna taste like shit

    • elwoodzmake
      elwoodzmake 24 dias atrás

      @Elle but he was testing an out of box blender...

    • Elle
      Elle 24 dias atrás

      @elwoodzmake with a touch of essence from an aged blender

  • Pacotaco669
    Pacotaco669 Mês atrás +1461

    Maybe get a replacement blade for the old blender. The replacement really helped out my old blender with crushing ice.

    • Capybara
      Capybara 27 dias atrás

      @Vlad SlickBartender it was a waste of money

    • Logs GK
      Logs GK 27 dias atrás

      @Michael Hernandez not to mention once you get a Vitamix it’ll last you over a decade probably

    • Michael Hernandez
      Michael Hernandez Mês atrás

      @Google can Suck it previously had a Ninja and the blade just always felt like I was in danger of cutting myself. It's not bad but the end results aren't close to a Vitamix or Blendtec and both of those are easier to maintain longterm. Of course that ease comes at a premium cost. After owning both is recommend getting an Oster and just saving for a Vitamix with the tall container. The tall container is much better than the wide one for the Vitamix.

    • Google can Suck it
      Google can Suck it Mês atrás +1

      The ninja is amazing too cause the blender has a stacked blade configuration so instead of just a small blade on the bottom it has 6 blades in a tower kind of shape so things blend a lot better even if the blade were flat I think it would blend okay because of how the blade is set up 😮

    • Google can Suck it
      Google can Suck it Mês atrás +1

      @Vlad SlickBartender you literally can find a ninja that I have 72 oz 1100 w for around 40 to $80 online obviously not new but I bought several things as far as accessories for my ninja and even replacement top and everything is been perfect but yeah

  • Shinobu Morita
    Shinobu Morita Mês atrás +782

    I dunno why I was so attached and cheering on the old blender like:
    "Go, Old Blender! Don't lose to the flashy new kid!"

    • Chai'el Ma'etheius
      Chai'el Ma'etheius Mês atrás

      Vitamix was replaced with copycats in the 60s while vitamix was created before WWI

    • |\|1rV3x5u5
      |\|1rV3x5u5 Mês atrás +3

      Cheering for the old blender like it's John Henry or Paul Bunyun

    • JoJo
      JoJo Mês atrás +33

      I usually root for the underdog as well, but having worked with crappy blenders, that was not the case here! 😂

  • BrianMDPhD
    BrianMDPhD Mês atrás +49

    We bought the Vitamix Quiet One for our bar and it makes a huge difference. The unit is over $1000 but quiet enough at full power you can still have a conversation next to it.

  • Mark Penter
    Mark Penter Mês atrás +187

    Pretty sure it will never taste any different with the same ingredients

  • Adrian Tillman
    Adrian Tillman Mês atrás

    Not a waste, Vitamixes do a pretty amazing job with most blending things. I’ve used it for everything from smoothies to pesto to soups and it’s super consistent and pretty durable as well

  • Brandon Andersen
    Brandon Andersen Mês atrás

    The vitamix is what I'd buy if I used a blender heavily as a food processor and blender.
    It's really good for getting as much as you want from your appliance.

  • KZ Productions
    KZ Productions Mês atrás +145

    It might be overpriced but it seems pretty good

    • Capybara
      Capybara 27 dias atrás

      @Camden G. it's overpriced

    • Capybara
      Capybara 27 dias atrás

      It's overpriced and not worth it

    • Camden G.
      Camden G. Mês atrás +3

      It's not overpriced, it's quality on quality.

  • Spicy smooth
    Spicy smooth Mês atrás

    Never been disappointed with my Vitamix and sometimes scared by how well it mixes.

  • Evelaraevia
    Evelaraevia Mês atrás

    I saw a good video on this and it kind of came to a the conclusion the vitamix isn't worth the money for MOST applications. But when it shined it was far better than the Hamilton Beach, which ended up broken.

  • Noam Kadim
    Noam Kadim Mês atrás +1

    One think you forgot to mention is that sometimes even though both will do the same job the cheap one will break faster

  • Cristal, like the champagne

    I’ve had a Vitamix for 8 years and it’s definitely worth it.

  • Geese Goose
    Geese Goose Mês atrás

    It's also the energy it takes. That little blender is going to heat up so much faster than the bigger Vitamix

  • Spencer Riles
    Spencer Riles Mês atrás

    I mean, when making the smoothie the Vitamix did it all on its own at least from what we saw. I think that's kind of the difference, the Hamilton he had to help stir around basically with a spoon.

  • Foreseen G.
    Foreseen G. Mês atrás

    Smoothness in a smoothie is paramount! I don't care for expensive things in general, but I would never give up my Vitamix, it's worth every penny, especially if you also want to add greens to your smoothie. It turns kale into milk.

  • ayaya
    ayaya Mês atrás

    The 400 dollars I spent on my Vitamix is something I've never regretted even slightly. Compared to a cheap blender, there's no context. A cheap blender struggles with all kinds of things, especially certain types of fruit seeds and pulp. For somebody like me who will gag when trying to drink stuff like that in a smoothie, the Vitamix is a godsend.

  • Maria Thorpe
    Maria Thorpe Mês atrás

    Idk man, the 7 year warrantee comes in pretty handy and has saved me a lot of money over the years. The fact the blenders usually make it longer than that makes it even more worth it.
    Not to mention they blend well enough their recipe book has ice cream recipes. It also blends fast enough it has recipes for hot soup.

  • Gianni Jimenez
    Gianni Jimenez Mês atrás

    Woah I had no idea my mom’s blender is that expensive, definitely nice though, we’ve had it since I was a kid and it still works amazing!

  • james mcadory
    james mcadory Mês atrás

    Looks like the Vitamix blends things WAY easier though, you had to push the clump down in the other Blender and restart it. I always hate doing that, but for the price difference it may not have been worth it.

  • Punnup
    Punnup Mês atrás

    I like how he kept judging them solely on taste when you could tell based off of texture that one is definitely superior and that he had to continuously work with the other blender and then claimed it was a waste of money even though he was literally able to push one button and it was done while the other one he had to stir

  • Boredom Kid
    Boredom Kid Mês atrás

    The blender in the video was a blender my dad bought but then returned it. I have a blender that is under 200 dollars and it's really good for the price because it comes with lids to use the blender cup as a normal cup and gives you a big blender cup to blend a lot of stuff but if you need to blend something for yourself, it has a smaller blender cup

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan Mês atrás

    I’m sure the other comments have already pointed this out, but the vitamix is superior in every way to normal blenders! Your sauces and drinks will have the best consistency

  • Wouju
    Wouju Mês atrás

    worth mentioning, wouldnt the blades on your old blender be more worn down and as such blend with a lower quality?

  • Declan Scheps
    Declan Scheps Mês atrás +4

    I promise you didnt waste money, you can cook soups in ur vitamix, u can do a lot more and the biggest part is it will last way longer and stay the same sharpness wise and reliability, ive had mine for like 12 years now and it still works as good as the day i brought it home

  • Joseph Mcewan
    Joseph Mcewan Mês atrás

    the new blender seems to have more power in it and it should probably last longer

  • Z S
    Z S Mês atrás

    It completely depends on the use case. Vitamix is used in professional kitchens because they can stand up to being used and abused for hours on end every single day, from blending soups and purees at boiling temperature, to crushing ice, to making powder out of seeds or peppercorns, to making nut butters or sorbet or shakes/smoothies.
    It's not for everyone, but it's worth the price.

  • Scott Kremer
    Scott Kremer Mês atrás

    A Vitamix is far superior to any other blender out there. I've had one for about 10 years and it's the best. Friend of mine has had one for 25 years and it's still going like new, used every day.

  • Hoasteroo
    Hoasteroo Mês atrás +33

    I think texture is important when it comes to food and beverages

  • Murasaki Alvarado
    Murasaki Alvarado Mês atrás

    I just thought any blender would work to make a frozen fruit smoothie. My mom’s $21 dollar blender from Walmart didn’t work T-T. I then asked my dad money to buy a $120 blender and it does the job. It takes a bit of time to crush frozen fruit tho.

  • Red
    Red Mês atrás +1

    The blender i used was so complicated that it took me one month to understand how it works and the only thing came out from that was a 3d model

  • UN civilized
    UN civilized Mês atrás +21

    You're sticking a spoon in a blender, DUDE! Safety hazard gone, keep the new blender

  • More Soysauce
    More Soysauce Mês atrás

    I don't think it's a waste of money especially considering the build quality/shelf life and the quicker smoother texture that can be achieved from a good blender

  • TLA Oltjenbruns
    TLA Oltjenbruns Mês atrás

    Vitamix makes an amazing blender, but they do wear down quickly. The ninja and nutribullet systems are amazing, dependable, and significantly less expensive... and easier to clean.

  • Jack "Shiftymon" Stoutburn

    Imagine if Vlad had like a replica of "the thang" blender from Splatoon 2, with the RGB and all, to make his cocktails...that would be so damn rad haha

  • Magwa
    Magwa Mês atrás

    I bought the vitamix for drinks and now I use it mostly for soup. It's so powerful that a 5 minute spin actually heats soup to steaming hot via friction.

  • VeteranVandal
    VeteranVandal Mês atrás

    It's expensive, but visibly better, and required no finagling with it. I think for your uses it was worth it. In this blender you can even control smoothness.

  • Dan Horton
    Dan Horton Mês atrás

    I don’t know, my wife an I make a lot of smoothies and we’ve had maybe 4-5 different blenders, all of good quality, and hands down the Vitamix better than them all. We had a Breville that got somewhat close, but there is a reason professional shops use Vitamix.

  • A Road 2
    A Road 2 Mês atrás

    Get one with a different type of blade like a ninja blender and you'll see a huge difference. The traditional blade that's in the bottom with little space between the blade and bottom of the blender is not very effective compared to one like the ninja blender that has multiple blades staggered through the whole middle.

  • Zickity
    Zickity Mês atrás

    A really high end blender that does work blending things super well without being $400 is a Ninja Mega kitchen system 1500 kitchen blender, I have it at home and it comes with so many things, it's extremely powerful and simple. About $100 something less than the Vitamix and it's so worth the money. Ninja is my go to brand for kitchen appliances

  • MrSummerjamsam
    MrSummerjamsam Mês atrás

    For anyone saying it's overpriced...Vitamix can last a lifetime, and can also blend longer and harder without overheating. He's not using it to it's max capacity. In the long-term it's cheaper to buy a Vitamix.

  • King of Sneks
    King of Sneks Mês atrás

    As someone who works in a smoothie shop the real test you should see is how well it blends dates

  • Keenan Reynolds
    Keenan Reynolds Mês atrás

    I have a blender very similar to that Vitamix. It is good because it can grind just about anything with ease, but it is so loud that you should use earplugs.

  • jjblackhawk1994
    jjblackhawk1994 Mês atrás

    The warranty alone should be enough to show you it's well worth the price point. Ten years of warranty on a blender powerful enough that they advertise that you can heat up a soup to serving temperature purely from the friction between the blades and the food. Not once have I ever felt like spending that much on mine was too much for what they give ya. Just my two cents.

  • jay scribbs
    jay scribbs Mês atrás

    Durability is another reason why expensive blenders cost so much. Replacing a cheap blender every year or 2 can become expensive over time

  • Sedanzzz_guy
    Sedanzzz_guy Mês atrás

    I have used vitamix for a very long time I love them for everything except slushees I think that they pulverize the ice so much that it homogenizes the mixture and ruins the refreshing feel of the ice bits of a fresh slushy but smoothies and anything else it does like a Champ

  • Gregory munoz
    Gregory munoz Mês atrás

    I think it's down to preference, the smoother... smoothie would be great for me, but the clumpy one would be for my dad cause he likes the pulp in his orange juice, I don't. I don't want to chew my drink.

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey 11 dias atrás

    Yeah, if you can afford the expense, Vitamix is the blender to buy for a reason: it's just superior. Faster blend times, smoother consistency, better handling of items that like to clump, and a stick to push the ingredients down into the blades that is specifically designed to be used with the lid so that you can't actually get it to touch the blades themselves. It's basically the best blender you can buy for consumer applications. And I haven't even mentioned that the motor is so overpowered that you can actually blend things until they get hot just from friction, so you can make smooth soups from raw ingredients in your blender and they come out hot. Pretty incredible.

  • moxie is a soda not a name 🍹

    I have one very similar to the vitamix (my mommy is rich) and it is perfect for crushing ice for snow cones, especially with homemade syrup.

  • LikeATrollFace
    LikeATrollFace Mês atrás

    Was able to pick this exact model up for 300$ on sale a while ago, best blender I’ve ever used.

  • Dan Men
    Dan Men Mês atrás +26

    The new blender doesn’t need you to be there to move its contents cuz they got stuck, freeing you to go and do another task.

  • Mr Rob Kent
    Mr Rob Kent 18 dias atrás

    I've used vitamixes alot as a chef. A huge bennefit is the longevity of the blender amd amazing customer service. I've seen blender be put through non stop use for over 20 years and still be good as new.

  • David Pfeiffer
    David Pfeiffer Mês atrás

    I would say it's 100% worth it for a Vitamix, bought one for my mom with insurance just in case we need it, don't so far, and it's been a year and that dang thing is still out of the box seeming new😁👍

  • Choccy Milk
    Choccy Milk Mês atrás

    You know that putting the same ingredients will result in the same taste. You just have to focus on the texture

  • Laure CRESCI
    Laure CRESCI 27 dias atrás

    He literally struggled to get anything crushed in the old one with a spoon 😂 you didnt wasted money, your earned time

  • Cheri Hammond
    Cheri Hammond Mês atrás +6

    The real test is time. I have a vita mix blender from 1974 still working great!

    • pet central
      pet central Mês atrás

      @Haru Krentz well we don't know the durability of the product he has. If it works only slightly better replacing the blades may make it just as good in making smoothies. Only time will tell if paying $40 for a machine or $400 is the better deal. I've had some "lesser" brands outlast name brand with LOTS of workload. Roper is a whirlpool wahing machine subsidiary. The one we had as a kid lasted 2 adults with 4 kids all thru school, after and replaced the one at my elderly family's home we were caring for when theirs went out. So 2 adults and 4 kids for years then elderly cleaning (extra bed cleaning and pull pads) for several more. And lasted about 30 YEARS with no maintainence. I bought a roper as an adult! Lol

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz Mês atrás +2

      @pet central vitamix is crazily durable. Im baffled with vlad saying he was wasting money on it while clearly it worked without the need of spoon lol.

    • pet central
      pet central Mês atrás

      I was looking for someone that had this kind of wisdom. It isn't just about how it works but the durability of the product! Let's teach these kids some stuff 🤣

  • tabby
    tabby Mês atrás

    someone who actually does it like science and does exact same portions lmao
    good job keep up the good work

  • Jerry Paulson
    Jerry Paulson 20 dias atrás +1

    Every time he brought out the spoon to help it mix, then says “both blenders did their jobs really well.” 🤣😭🤣🤣

  • Rika Roleplay
    Rika Roleplay Mês atrás

    I would get it just for the fact it crushes ice efficiently and doesn't require further mixing like the older one, as that is all I ever want out of a blender, and none of the ones I have ever owned have properly blended things without me needing to intervene

  • K Pulkit
    K Pulkit Mês atrás

    Just a question , why do you not make longer videos like before ? I like watching your videos as well as the shorts but the longer ones(5-8mins) were on a different level and I do miss watching those . Any plans on bringing back that format back ?

  • JustAPers0n
    JustAPers0n Mês atrás +145

    That vitamix was $400?! I'm going to have a talk with my parents..

    • VintageJudie
      VintageJudie 11 dias atrás

      Not if u have a costco membership 😎

    • Winona
      Winona Mês atrás +2

      @Joshua Kevin Serdan not really. My parents bought the expensive one because they know which one is with more better quality. Saying that cheaps and expensive ones are the same when it's not would be lying. But if they realise that it just expensive and nothing special and didn't have any better quality than their old ones, they would never bought them. So saying that they are easy to fool since they are OLD and generalized them is kinda.. hehe

    • Eli
      Eli Mês atrás +2

      @Joshua Kevin Serdan not my mom 💀 she won’t buy anything she doesn’t think is worth her money and is very picky abt it tooz

    • Scidja
      Scidja Mês atrás +7

      @JustAPers0n he didnt even insult your relatives what are you talking about?

    • JustAPers0n
      JustAPers0n Mês atrás +3

      @BigBoi Ganiga I wouldn't exactly call them old, but whatever. You can insult my relatives as much as you want.

  • Apocolocyntosis
    Apocolocyntosis Mês atrás

    If your just making smoothies and bar drinks, then yeah the 400$ blender is excessive. But as an all around kitchen tool, it’s definitely worth it (especially if you emulsify a lot of stuff and in big quantities)

  • Always. Entertaining. People.

    I have the same vitamix and it really help with the speed you can make good smoothies at imo

  • Seth Dorney
    Seth Dorney Mês atrás

    Used a Vitamix at my old work. Comparing that vs a 10 year old blender my parents got from Tesco was night and day for me.

  • BOMBON187
    BOMBON187 28 dias atrás

    $400 blender that does similarly as a $50 blender.
    The marketing team has done their jobs well.

  • Gunzy
    Gunzy Mês atrás +6

    "I wasted money on a new blender"
    *proceeds to chuck big spoon in old blender to blend*

  • Grub
    Grub Mês atrás

    Honestly I think the old blender works better for slushies and the new blender works better for smoothies. Pretty cool

  • Bobby Torres
    Bobby Torres Mês atrás

    Honestly I think it comes down to texture when buying a blender that expensive

  • Sarah Shepherd
    Sarah Shepherd 14 dias atrás

    The difference comes with cooking. I splurged on a vitamix and man, smoothest hummus ever, warms delicate soups with friction heat, great soy and nut milks, mayo, pizza and bread dough, bulk quantities of chopped garlic, honestly priceless.

  • Yoshimitsu4prez
    Yoshimitsu4prez Mês atrás

    Those vitamix blenders are beasts. Powerful and durable as hell from what I know. The Volcano Vaporizer of blenders.

  • epazote420
    epazote420 Mês atrás +10

    A vitamix will never be a waste, those things last FOREVERRRR

    • epazote420
      epazote420 Mês atrás +2

      @Eric Weese nah, I had a ninja for 3 years and the hatches and accessories already broke and had to throw it away, their construction is awful and the blending isn’t any better

    • Eric Weese
      Eric Weese Mês atrás

      nah compared to ninja theyre ass and 3-4x more expensive if not more. watch will tennysons video on it. he was making protein ice cream and broke his vitamin because it didn’t have enough power to blend it but the ninja did it easily

    • Haru Krentz
      Haru Krentz Mês atrás


  • Sir Gavanator
    Sir Gavanator Mês atrás

    This reminds me of those old "Will it blend" ads where a guy to a bunch of phones and blended them to show how powerful it was. That's cool and all... But I just want a milkshake, so maybe I don't need to spend $400 on the best blender available.

  • Gio102897
    Gio102897 Mês atrás

    Vitamix has a ton of cool options though and they can even make soup too lol. I guess if it's just for smoothies though or drinks it's kinda pointless

  • lord Yubel
    lord Yubel Mês atrás

    Hey Vlad even if you think you wasted money just remember if one fails you have another 😄

  • Malik Bagwala
    Malik Bagwala Mês atrás +28

    With products there is diminishing Returns as you go more and more expensive. Eg a blender with 4x price will not offer 4x the performance

    • Kyoshiku
      Kyoshiku 13 dias atrás

      @Landon Hicks What convinced me to buy a vitamix was the fact that my ninja was making smoothies with a disgusting texture, even when it was brand new.

    • Landon Hicks
      Landon Hicks Mês atrás

      @D Miller Ninja is better imo. I’ve had it for 3 years and it blends better and is cheaper.

    • Phantom Warrior
      Phantom Warrior Mês atrás +1

      the vitamix is like the kitchenaid stand mixer. pricier than the competition but performs reliably under load and delivers for long time

    • D Miller
      D Miller Mês atrás

      @Analyst call me in 10 years lol

    • Analyst
      Analyst Mês atrás

      @D Miller Vitamix is a fuckin scam I got a 70$ instablender from the instapot company and it outperforms the vitamix and has heating to make soups

  • h m
    h m Mês atrás

    I disagree with you in this one, since vitamix is going to last for a long time and its gets your smoothy done before it gets heated from the friction heat

  • garticus
    garticus Mês atrás

    Having a nice blender is worth it because there’s a lot of things you can do with a blender not just make drinks

  • Dvd Gum
    Dvd Gum 11 dias atrás

    I'd probably get it for the durability in the long run. You get what you pay for and you are too attached to your original blender which created bias, it looked light it was about to fall apart when you turned it on.

  • Isaiah Moore
    Isaiah Moore Mês atrás +3

    I’ll buy the blender off of you 😂

  • John Hurley
    John Hurley Mês atrás

    I guess it's if it's worth it to avoid the effort of having to push your ingredients down while blending vs it just blending it all faster and smoother

  • Menorito
    Menorito Mês atrás

    I mean, it looks like you didn't have to use your trusty spoon with the new blender, so it's less work and a smoother texture? Sounds like a win for the blender.

  • Hiran Almarales
    Hiran Almarales Mês atrás

    I'm so sorry to hear that you ended up wasting your money on a highly overpriced simple blender. Although, I guess it was probably expected. I mean, it is just a blender. Wondering if you could return it ? 🤔...

  • Jojo
    Jojo Mês atrás

    Vitamix is the goat. I replaced my ancient ninja with one after having a kid. It does everything, no clumps, no lumps, and without a problem. I feel confident blending anything

  • Seal
    Seal Mês atrás +9

    Welcome to the newest episode of “will it blend?”

    • no0fat0chx
      no0fat0chx Mês atrás

      A man of culture we have here

  • Teodor Hristev
    Teodor Hristev Mês atrás

    It's really the blade difference. You can't say they did even cause you had to help the older one, but if you switched blades it would be basically the same

  • SP∆DE
    SP∆DE 25 dias atrás

    Vitamix is soo good and reliable. For me It was worth it.
    The smoothie settings make perfect smoothie every single time 🤩 .

  • Queer s.
    Queer s. Mês atrás

    I used to drink 2 smoothies a day. I love smoothies because they make you regular. When you drink a smoothie everyday, a vitamix is definitely worth it. If you only blend once in a while, vitamix is a waste.

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace 17 dias atrás

    I've used vitamix in a banquet kitchen, did 14.5+mil in food sales alone in 2019. We had the same blenders from when we opened in 2016. The only parts we replaced were from poor user error. Dropping the pitcher or starting on 10 with the boost and destroying the teeth on the connector from pitcher to unit. Overall I was blown away at prices for parts when told it was $75 for the gallon pitcher but they work so well and have to stand upto the power they produce. Amazing tool, I would buy it for he use if I needed one.

  • TheKingofSpace
    TheKingofSpace Mês atrás +5

    “But there was no taste difference” you used the same ingredients. It would be bad if they were.

  • Big Lefty
    Big Lefty 27 dias atrás

    The fact that you have to stick a spoon near spinning blades to blend on the old blender is sketch lol

  • William Baker
    William Baker Mês atrás

    I want to buy the blender that Tipsy Bartender has. He churns ice and fruits on his on the daily, its made out of Tungsten for how seemingly strong it is lol.

  • chicoktc
    chicoktc Mês atrás

    I think the valeu for you would be in it being faster and hassle free. Not to mention the end result which is better, the time and effort saved is a great deal

  • Mujtaba Faisal
    Mujtaba Faisal Mês atrás +30

    I like the honesty. Nice reviews

  • BurritoRonin
    BurritoRonin Mês atrás

    We use that vita mix blender often in my bar and ive gone through a few jugs over the past 7 years with it if anything you have a blender that could possibly last more than its worth

  • MikyCZE
    MikyCZE Mês atrás +1

    Obviously the taste is gonna be the same since its all the same ingredients, but the difference is probably in texture and the ammount of work you put into making it

  • FraN_
    FraN_ Mês atrás

    The new blender did the job better and you had to put way less effort on it. On top of that since it does it on its own it will be consistent.

  • MaybeaTaco22
    MaybeaTaco22 Mês atrás

    Blending Better and quicker... i think that time saving can be very important for some people. I would not say you waste money, it depends on how important is efficency to you.