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Swiss Army Knife of Cocktails

  • Publicado em 4 Dez 2021
  • This Bar tool claims that it can replace half of your home bar tools. So it's like a Swiss Army Knife for Bartenders.
    This is my review of the multifunctional gadget that costs $9.It's included an Easy-to-use citrus juicer, attached measuring cup, a bottle opener, zester stripper, a regular citrus zester, a serrated head muddler that is mostly used with fruits to squeeze the juice and release oils from the skin as you press on them, and a flat-headed muddler that is great to use for berries or herbs.
    Ice Diamonds in Cocktails
    Rotating Whiskey Glassware from Aliexpress
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • Bryan Grünauer Chagas

    Maybe for a beginner home bartender or someone who is into gadgets, because it seems pretty cumbersome to assemble and disassemble tbh

  • Sacha
    Sacha  +7

    For a beginner, sure. I think having some more premium feeling tools makes it more fun though.

  • M M
    M M  +2

    The problem with these “Swiss army bar tools” is that, no matter the design, they’re horrible to clean. You’re better off with individual tools that can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

  • meat lemonade

    seems like a great idea, especially if you're traveling or bartending over at a friend's house or something, but it also seems like one of those things that tries to be too much at once

  • J P
    J P  +1

    Bar keys must be flat and metal, preferably with a coating so it when wet it doesn't get slippery or stuck on vacuum sucked on surfaces. Otherwise, it's a sleek, lovely looking tool. For at home.

  • UFOSnMusic

    Bro I’m baked and I legit thought that was a giant wax pen 😂😂😂😂

  • zacharias
    zacharias  +606

    “This gadget can replace half of your bar tools.”

  • chaoticmoss

    I just want to say that i really enjoy your videos

  • Kesha's  music

    You know what, your voice got me! 😌💐

  • I am Neon

    These shorts literally make my day so much better 💪💙

  • ES

    I'm not a bartender but just watching these is fascinating and also your voice is very calming

  • Not.A.Good.Person._.

    It's not a mistake

  • Nawshin Eva

    I don't know why but his deep voice is really soothing to me...

  • Melinda Gandy

    I swear, this guy could read a dishwasher manual and I would listen!! His voice, the timbre, the accent....😍

  • AHSF YT | Animations

    I'm not a bartender but i need this.

  • Sanjana Raghuraman

    Omg sometimes i just watch this to listen to his voice 🤌

  • Loopy

    this guy’s voice is so soothing to me

  • Σκορπίζω

    Oh you bet your sweet bippy I would!

  • homewithtina

    This would be so fun for a picnic or beach day, I wouldn't replace my individual tools but I like how it is all in one for on the go.