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Turning Ice into a Diamond 🧊💎

  • Publicado em 30 Abr 2022
  • This is the easiest way to turn an ice cube into a diamond!
    Atmos press is different from other ice presses I tested earlier. It comes with special attachments that can make different shaped ice.
    Easiest Way to Turn an ICE CUBE into SPHERE
    4 Simple Ways to Make an ICE SPHERE 🧊
    Atmos press
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Comentários • 5 937

  • Vlad SlickBartender
    Vlad SlickBartender  4 meses atrás +3215


  • VAG Central
    VAG Central 4 meses atrás +25052

    Me: That's so cool
    My wallet: Regular ice looks good enough

    • Ehrenschaf
      Ehrenschaf 5 dias atrás


    • Real_Bo2
      Real_Bo2 13 dias atrás

      He said best not cheapest

    • Chinaball 🇨🇳
      Chinaball 🇨🇳 21 dia atrás +1

      My wallet: just shut up and save for food and water

    • CJ
      CJ 23 dias atrás

      @Boogyboy 666 not clear enough for some people

    • Harvey Harding
      Harvey Harding Mês atrás

      Facts 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TNTY
    TNTY Mês atrás +811

    I like how his con of it was:
    Pros: it’s really good
    Cons: it’s really good

    • The Wok Gaming
      The Wok Gaming 29 dias atrás +10

      Pros: Really good
      Cons: Really good, negates ice cutting skill, no money :(

    • Franci Balanci
      Franci Balanci Mês atrás +17

      Your wallet: You always like me empty dont you?

  • BlackNight
    BlackNight 2 meses atrás +817

    “That looks cool”
    My bank account: I think otherwise.

    XMANIAFLYYY 3 meses atrás +1

    This is absolutely amazing. Just how straight the shape is!

  • Christine Camley
    Christine Camley 3 meses atrás

    Love this ice shaper Vlad!! I'd love one of these. I have to look for one. Where did you order from? Cheers!! 🙂

    JDPOTATOMAN 4 meses atrás +7217

    i just love how clear and perfect every shape is it just satisfies me to look at

    • Wilson Mpesha
      Wilson Mpesha 3 meses atrás +1

      @Ed Z So straight from boiling into the freezer?

    • Ed Z
      Ed Z 4 meses atrás +6

      Clear ice you get from first boiling the water before freezing it

  • Coolguy McBadass
    Coolguy McBadass 3 meses atrás +268

    I literally have no interest in bartending but this mans voice is so soothing

    • Cat_With_VR
      Cat_With_VR 28 dias atrás +4

      @Coolguy McBadass hahaha.
      , i meant i have seen one of your comments before. maybe multiple times before. i guess some of the stuff we like is the same

    • Coolguy McBadass
      Coolguy McBadass 28 dias atrás +2

      @Cat_With_VR Ominous but aight

    • Cat_With_VR
      Cat_With_VR 28 dias atrás +2

      i have seen you before

  • Cuong Nguyen
    Cuong Nguyen Mês atrás +2

    Wooooooh! I literally shouted out loud watching this! How amazing!!!! This looks like purest love someone could ever have! 😱

  • Sam Eovaldi
    Sam Eovaldi 2 meses atrás

    Maybe it's just me but I want him to put two different molds together, like heart on top and diamond on bottom I think that would be cool

  • I¿¿¿I
    I¿¿¿I 2 meses atrás +3

    The diamond you made by hand looks more like a diamond, but the "diamond" from the device has clean cuts.

  • Noodles
    Noodles 4 meses atrás +75195

    I love how perfect the sphere was

    • Arpit Wasnik 💕
      Arpit Wasnik 💕 Mês atrás


    • Andre White
      Andre White 2 meses atrás


    • BenOfTheWeek's Lovely Wife
      BenOfTheWeek's Lovely Wife 2 meses atrás

      @ll1 least I was saying something to do with the comment. and it's so childish you think you're so savage and cool when in reality you're just salty because you get no bitches.

    • ll1
      ll1 2 meses atrás

      @BenOfTheWeek's Lovely Wife just like nobody asked yours 😁

    • BenOfTheWeek's Lovely Wife
      BenOfTheWeek's Lovely Wife 2 meses atrás

      @ll1 and no one asked for your input

  • Twiggy the lizard
    Twiggy the lizard 3 meses atrás

    Its amazing but the build quality looks even better 👏🏼

  • Sannax !
    Sannax ! 3 meses atrás +7

    Love the honesty at the end. Handwork will never die my man 🤝🏽

  • sillygamerYTpro34
    sillygamerYTpro34 2 meses atrás

    This video is beautiful from the product to what it does to the ice and the editing even

  • Nate Knox
    Nate Knox 3 meses atrás +1

    for those of you wondering it probably doesn’t heat up and probably used the same metal used for dispersing heat on computer parts

  • Garen Greece
    Garen Greece 4 meses atrás +21394

    "This device makes my skill useless" as a Mathematics enthusiast, this hurt deep

    • ArctikTV
      ArctikTV 2 dias atrás

      @Garen Greece u can have a nice job without it ! Streaming / lucky dropouts / content / Elon musk hated school and he’s a billionaire

    • I have the best profile picture on YouTube
      I have the best profile picture on YouTube Mês atrás

      @maximus murder rifles

    • maximus
      maximus Mês atrás

      @I have the best profile picture on BRclip assault rifles

    • I have the best profile picture on YouTube
      I have the best profile picture on YouTube Mês atrás

      @YumYum ??? I never mentioned long division

    • YumYum
      YumYum Mês atrás

      @I have the best profile picture on BRclip Yeah let me do some long division after I get mugged

  • Leonardo Da Cheeto
    Leonardo Da Cheeto 27 dias atrás +1

    I'm 15 years old right now and I actually find your videos very helpful with my journey to becoming a bartender and one day owning my own pub all together

  • Tiffany Chang
    Tiffany Chang 29 dias atrás

    I loved the heart and the star one it’s so cool and shapes perfectly I wish I had those

  • Steven Sears
    Steven Sears 3 meses atrás

    i would love to see two different shapes, like diamond and sphere make something

  • Bonsai
    Bonsai 2 meses atrás

    There is a cocktail artist in Japan who fan do a pretty perfect ice diamond. There's an episode on vice about him. But these are super fun to use.

  • Naneo
    Naneo 4 meses atrás +15638

    Man, that was the most satisfying thing I saw today

    ᏴᎬᏞᏙᎪ 3 meses atrás

    was expecting a silicone diamond mold. was never going to expect an expensive ice molding contraption.

  • comradegab
    comradegab 3 meses atrás +1

    Am I the only one that wanted to see what would happen with two different shape molds on each side. For example, a sphere mold on top and a diamond mold on the bottom.

  • SillyStonedPanda420 #
    SillyStonedPanda420 # 2 meses atrás

    Can you mismatch the molds? Like half sphere half diamond, or half cube half heart.

  • JJ _The_Ent
    JJ _The_Ent 3 meses atrás

    one question;
    can you put in mis-matched peices?
    like the bottom of a dimond and the top of a sphere?

  • Kalp Shah
    Kalp Shah 4 meses atrás +5856

    Imagine , someone asking him, "So what do you do for a living?"
    **I cut ice**

    • Tulla
      Tulla 3 meses atrás

      He's a bartender. Ice cutting is just a skill that comes handy to the profession.

    • Holeamy ROBLOX and more
      Holeamy ROBLOX and more 4 meses atrás


    • Ron Ngyen
      Ron Ngyen 4 meses atrás

      I'm an ice sculptor.

    • EMCEE Kaoz
      EMCEE Kaoz 4 meses atrás

      I don’t have to imagine it, I know people who do it

    • dot dot dot
      dot dot dot 4 meses atrás

      @Feathers Novex i did just 😌😌😌😌

  • Delicate Disaster
    Delicate Disaster 3 meses atrás

    Can you make these ice "cubes" ahead of time and throw them back into the freezer until you need them? Or would it make the ice go hazy or warp the shape?

  • João Correia
    João Correia 2 meses atrás

    Caramba, quero uma.
    Onde compro?
    Vou ficar o dia todo fazendo gelo.

  • Gurgle Queen
    Gurgle Queen 3 meses atrás

    Considering how damn expensive that thing is I think your skills are still plenty useful.

  • I got the jams
    I got the jams 3 meses atrás

    I think it's worth buying if you have you're own bar and wanna attract more customers with your cool ice!

  • Sparrett
    Sparrett  4 meses atrás +7841

    "Makes my skill useless" That's real, the feeling when you spend years doing something only for a machine to be invented that negates all your years of effort put into it

    • Tulla
      Tulla 3 meses atrás

      @Chris Norris I never said it will take away all the jobs on earth. But a big chunk will disappear. And work from home would become a norm. Meta already provides virtual experience. Chances are we'll see people working in office stationed in Meta. And lot to come but not really from next year on. It will take some time.

    • Chris Norris
      Chris Norris 3 meses atrás

      @Tulla I think you're highly overestimating a machines usefulness. We will always need humans working alongside the machines for Maintenance, and other things. Machines will never fully replace humans in the work place.

    • Chris Norris
      Chris Norris 3 meses atrás

      @Tulla the only jobs they're taking are the ones that most Americans are too goddamn lazy to do anyway. The shit they got illegals doing, cause noone else wants to. 🤷

    • Tulla
      Tulla 3 meses atrás

      @Sean now liberals will come get you.

    • Tulla
      Tulla 3 meses atrás

      Countless jobs are getting negated by automatic machine. More jobs will go by AI technology at place. Humans create their own doom.

  • ghost frog
    ghost frog Mês atrás

    Wonder what happens if you use two different things for it like the diamond on the bottom and then a different one on the top

  • Helen Sandham
    Helen Sandham 3 meses atrás

    That looks very expensive! I like the authentic ice designs.

  • SushiMii Official
    SushiMii Official Mês atrás +17

    "This makes my skill useless"
    My mind: **Starts thinking if he can shift into ice sculpting

  • Katara H20
    Katara H20 28 dias atrás

    You know the molds are actually very helpful
    Some people can’t stand the sound of crunching/ cutting ice it helps so that if you get someone like that you can just use the mold instead

  • Destian Suryajaya
    Destian Suryajaya 3 meses atrás +4472

    "Without any effort"
    Working hard to afford that device.

    • Dark_soul
      Dark_soul 6 dias atrás

      @MAGUIRE no

      MAGUIRE 6 dias atrás +1

      @Dark_soul I think you're just embarrassing yourself... I suggest deleting your comments to avoid being roasted beyond recovery

    • Macrez Ryan
      Macrez Ryan 8 dias atrás

      @Cheese he ran out of insults 💀

    • Dark_soul
      Dark_soul 10 dias atrás

      @Cheese says the rotten cheese

    • Cheese
      Cheese 10 dias atrás

      @Dark_soul bro really thinks he's winning an argument with overused dad jokes and bro he ain't your reflection

  • SuperSlayer 17
    SuperSlayer 17 3 meses atrás +1

    To be honest, I like his diamond mor than the machine one. It feels more like a diamond. I don’t know how to explain, but I just like his better

  • Giru Baato
    Giru Baato Mês atrás

    How do you get that perfectly clear ice cube that you put into the press?

  • King of Haki
    King of Haki 2 meses atrás

    What happens when you use a sphere attachment and a diamond attachment at the same time?🤷‍♂️

    THE SIKE 11 dias atrás

    i really love how people can actually take a course in college to become a bartender

    VICIOUS IMPALER 4 meses atrás +287

    Its extremely impressive that a device can make such beautiful shapes within minutes but it'll never be as impressive or as special as a hand-carved one. Your skills will not go to waste, anyone who doesn't appreciate them is an idiot 😌

    • Kobe
      Kobe 4 meses atrás

      Negativaty and positivaty lol

      VICIOUS IMPALER 4 meses atrás +2

      @Khristopher Komodoensis Exactly

    • Khristopher Komodoensis
      Khristopher Komodoensis 4 meses atrás +7

      Power move idea, use the device for normal people but hand carve the ice for that special someone to impress them.

  • Anmol Shahani
    Anmol Shahani Mês atrás

    Please try mix and matching the moulds, like half diamond, half sphere, it will be so cool

    PARTH AGARWAL 2 meses atrás +1

    What if the bottom attachment was the diamond and the top always a circle? Is that possible?

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 3 meses atrás +2

    This took “You are watching a master at work” to a whole new level

  • Jayrax.
    Jayrax. 3 meses atrás +2

    Ice looks delicious 🤤

  • Mukid Bhuiyan
    Mukid Bhuiyan 4 meses atrás +2737

    Your talent is not useless since I tried to get one and nearly had a “heart attack” when it costed between 500 - 800 pounds.

  • ᴍᴀʀɪᴀᴍ♥
    ᴍᴀʀɪᴀᴍ♥ 3 meses atrás

    I love how this is so satisfying

  • Durneel Kneelson
    Durneel Kneelson 3 meses atrás

    Here I am struggling to fix old vehicles because I can't afford new stuff and this guy's buying ice molds for fun lol
    Btw not meaning anything bad I don't know what you do or been through. Awesome video keep up the neat content.

  • Randomonium
    Randomonium 3 meses atrás

    There is a beauty in imperfections that perfection just can't match.

  • Amon Davis
    Amon Davis 2 meses atrás

    I am wondering where can I buy one of those ice shapers just like that for myself?

  • CNinja 7
    CNinja 7 4 meses atrás +7939

    But your skill is still more impressive than the gadget :D

    • joenesk alll
      joenesk alll 4 meses atrás +1

      @Jv 280 ouch he came back with a combo for you lmfao

    • The Milk Man
      The Milk Man 4 meses atrás

      @Jasper yeah, it is a skill. Carving is a skill. Wood, ice, etc. It is an art.

    • Socket Yellow
      Socket Yellow 4 meses atrás +1

      @SS9424 well yeah but it’s a fricken ice cube your probably will forget about minutes later. I don’t care if it looks like the lost map to Atlantis, just cool the drink

    • Dawensci
      Dawensci 4 meses atrás +2

      @Jv 280 he got you

    • TheGuerilla14
      TheGuerilla14 4 meses atrás +2

      @Jv 280 CNC machine….

  • NotSauce
    NotSauce 2 meses atrás

    Can you do a video on combining the different halves?

  • EphraimLucious
    EphraimLucious 3 meses atrás

    Imagine paying 22$ for a cocktail with special ice 🤣

  • Nyx NinjaVz
    Nyx NinjaVz 2 meses atrás

    Entrevistador: Então...no seu currículo diz que seu passatempo preferido é...gelo?
    O cara: A foi mal haha, meu passatempo preferido é moldar gelo

  • FootFungus
    FootFungus  Mês atrás

    You do realize that some fridges can automatically make ice spheres

  • Sqwimpy
    Sqwimpy 4 meses atrás +1852

    Put an engagement ring into a big ice cube then shape it into a heart.
    This is my best idea.
    EDIT: To some of you in the replies I was exaggerating this isn't my *best* idea, and I know this is a hazard but just be smart and don't put it in a a drink. I mean in my original comment I didn't say anything about actually placing it in your soon-to-be fiance's drink.

    • Holeamy ROBLOX and more
      Holeamy ROBLOX and more 4 meses atrás


    • Sqwimpy
      Sqwimpy 4 meses atrás

      @Isaiah Folley Exactly bro, why are people so stupid? Plus if you don't like the idea than just DON'T DO IT, easy.

    • Wolfgang
      Wolfgang 4 meses atrás +1

      God bless you and whoever reads this, Jesus loves you.

    • Rubii Toxic
      Rubii Toxic 4 meses atrás

      @SINGH the seam though

    • Rubii Toxic
      Rubii Toxic 4 meses atrás

      People end up in very emotional and sometimes hilarious emergency room visits for this because it turns out, rings *ARE* small enough to be swallowed, *without even feeling them*

  • Uxleumas
    Uxleumas 3 meses atrás

    Wow, does that mean that you can mix&match tops and bottoms?

  • Pro S
    Pro S 26 dias atrás

    I never taste Alcohol in my entire 28 years life.. Still love to watch these ice videos..😃

  • EverlastingBeast
    EverlastingBeast Mês atrás

    Question can you make something like Mitchmached like a cube for the top and a dimond bottom?

  • The Confederacy of Independent Systems

    To me. I knew this blew my mind when I tried making an ice cube into an ice sphere with that

  • Yolidiaz
    Yolidiaz 4 meses atrás +2449

    Holy shit the satisfaction of looking at the perfect edges on the ice is crazy

    • Anton Pogonin
      Anton Pogonin 4 meses atrás +2

      @Divyansh Bansal Good job mate

    • Divyansh Bansal
      Divyansh Bansal 4 meses atrás +1

      Bruh 1.5k likes and no comment from a human being i am gonna fix that

  • Plxsma Edits
    Plxsma Edits  2 meses atrás

    Could you mix the molds and make multi shape ice? 😂

  • oxyjeonforlife
    oxyjeonforlife Mês atrás +1

    Omg that looks so satisfying 💯💥

  • Retrograde Bolide
    Retrograde Bolide 3 meses atrás

    How do you get such clear ice? My ice is always cloudy

  • Lei Momi
    Lei Momi 2 meses atrás

    Love it... I know you would have to wash it and sterilize it as mold grows... awesome 👌

  • Trevor Rose
    Trevor Rose 4 meses atrás +1232

    "The only downside is this device makes my skill useless"
    Its crazy as we develop and invent, this is the result of innovation. Gadgets to make life easier, things normally done by hand, can now be done easily with no effort and only select few retain this knowledge.
    I wonder how many other people have invented a product to make their life easier but inturn, automated something they were skilled at, resulting in people no longer needing the skill.

    • Lucas Ng
      Lucas Ng 4 meses atrás

      @Ice Cold no

    • Potato
      Potato 4 meses atrás

      It only works in countries with less population like USA and Canada, countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Korea suffer a lot because of these inventions, it makes life better for rich people but worse for poor people

    • Gamer Cat
      Gamer Cat 4 meses atrás

      @Mike Hunt yeah ur right

    • Filip Bierzgalski
      Filip Bierzgalski 4 meses atrás

      @Sneakysneakyraccoon what

    • Jimmy Skateboard
      Jimmy Skateboard 4 meses atrás

      @Mike Hunt nice name

  • Katie Kirks
    Katie Kirks Mês atrás +8

    “This makes my skill useless”
    I felt that.

  • Great Legacy of Tanks
    Great Legacy of Tanks 23 dias atrás

    Love the last bit,
    “Only problem is that it makes my skill useless”
    I can’t help of the stupid and arrogant saying, “the future is now old man!”

  • Emily
    Emily Mês atrás +1

    Idk about anyone else but my fridge/freezer makes circle ice cubes already, it makes 3 an hour and it wasn’t even that expensive

  • Joe D Eastham jr
    Joe D Eastham jr 2 meses atrás

    How does it shrink the cube? Is it with heat? Or just pressure?

  • Drew Id Lifestyle
    Drew Id Lifestyle 4 meses atrás +3955

    Me doesn’t drink or serve alcohol at all “I need This”

  • erick .sweex
    erick .sweex 2 meses atrás

    i can't be the only one that wonders what if he uses two different mold pieces

  • ラベンダー Coco
    ラベンダー Coco Mês atrás

    i really have a weird obsession with perfectly shaped ice

  • max&mcc
    max&mcc 23 dias atrás

    This is so sweet. Probably costs 1500 or some wild price...worth it if you own a bar obviously. I want one so bad

  • TribeMates
    TribeMates 3 meses atrás

    I need to eat this ice, looks perfect.

  • Fuscous GD
    Fuscous GD 3 dias atrás

    I'm not impressed, I was expecting a 58-facet brilliant cut.

  • KayOnTheSlay
    KayOnTheSlay 3 meses atrás

    It’s literally something for everything 🔥

  • Daniel Page
    Daniel Page Mês atrás +1

    I’m guessing that press is eye-wateringly expensive…

  • randomness AL
    randomness AL 2 meses atrás

    Can you combine two different molds?

  • ImPrincessWolfy
    ImPrincessWolfy 4 meses atrás +1685

    At first I thought “hey that’s cheating” then when you said “that makes my skill useless” I just felt bad ;-;
    And by the way I love your skills

    • Cool, Okay
      Cool, Okay 4 meses atrás

      Yeah but you'd have to keep finding molds to craft new ice cubes, his skill is inexpensive and can create more cubes

    • Derrick Wren
      Derrick Wren 4 meses atrás

      @Cece Cox Google isn't that hard of an application to use 🙄

    • Nonya
      Nonya 4 meses atrás +3

      The difference is watching someone cut ice is much more fun than watching some boring piece of metal doing it

    • Cece Cox
      Cece Cox 4 meses atrás +1

      @Phillip Moody FnnnCCCKKKK! 🤯🤯🤯 Hell that’s more than an ice machine. But I’m sure it’s REALLY worth it if you run a bar. It’ll certainly bring people in. It’s certainly not for the home though like he makes them feel they’re for. haha 😂

    • Phillip Moody
      Phillip Moody 4 meses atrás

      @ImPrincessWolfy That he does. Well, sort of. He didn't pay for it, its given by Atmos in exchange for screen time, basically a free advert for the company.

  • chonky chookie
    chonky chookie Mês atrás

    What if you use the diamond top attachment with the sphere bottom attachment?

  • DL L
    DL L 3 meses atrás

    I dunno, I prefer the imperfection of carved ice. It's like a whole new experience, drinking a product of someone's workmanship

  • Gigachad with a stand
    Gigachad with a stand 3 meses atrás

    It also costs 15 times more than the previous ones

  • C4WasHere
    C4WasHere Mês atrás

    I have only 1 thing to say: the second knife was cool

  • TCTCyou
    TCTCyou 4 meses atrás +1982

    Not going to lie, at the end I thought he was going to say

    • Pepito Sanchéz
      Pepito Sanchéz 4 meses atrás +3

      He kinda did say that lol

    • 9/06
      9/06 4 meses atrás +8

      It could.

    • jLuck
      jLuck 4 meses atrás +12


  • SpaceX Dragon
    SpaceX Dragon Mês atrás

    Honestly the big question for me is: *how to make a clear ice cube* 💀

  • Strawberry_Bri
    Strawberry_Bri  Mês atrás

    Use dry ice 🧊 btw it looks amazing

    CHRISTENA V.T. 3 meses atrás

    It's so beautiful!

  • mazhar Khan
    mazhar Khan 2 meses atrás

    There are normal bar tenders and there is this g.o.a.t❤️

  • HobocopV1
    HobocopV1 4 meses atrás +3691

    I'm terrified to see the price

    • razordu30
      razordu30 2 meses atrás +1

      The cost definitely seems like this is meant for commercial use.
      Which makes sense, since it lets your bartender not have to spend time cutting ice and focus on drinks.

    • Rohan Narain
      Rohan Narain 4 meses atrás +1

      @Kevin Reveles It's called an Atmos Ice Press.

    • Kevin Reveles
      Kevin Reveles 4 meses atrás

      @Rohan Narain what is it called the machine

    • TheLeafOfficial
      TheLeafOfficial 4 meses atrás

      @Harold Frets I guess

    • Harold Frets
      Harold Frets 4 meses atrás +1

      @TheLeafOfficial high quality? It's just ice...
      Make it with the best water possible then.....

  • Axiomatic_
    Axiomatic_ 2 meses atrás

    How much does that cost? I can’t imagine my wallet would be as happy as me about buying that.

  • ps s
    ps s Mês atrás

    Doing that without any devices is the real skill

  • April Chen
    April Chen Mês atrás

    can you mix and match the shapes?

  • Hammad Ali
    Hammad Ali Mês atrás

    Wow all are looking so amazing 🤗

  • Toxic ShaD0w
    Toxic ShaD0w 4 meses atrás +955

    vlad-"how to make ice in diamond shapes wothout any effort"
    me-"yes tell me fast"
    vlad-"buy this 2000 $ dumbass machine "

    • LD Lethal YT
      LD Lethal YT 4 meses atrás

      If i had the spare cash id buy it just to have it. Even if the ice was not clear id still buy it.

    • ur gay
      ur gay 4 meses atrás +1

      it’s literally £350 though?

    • THAT girl
      THAT girl 4 meses atrás

      Or you could just buy a diamond mold?

    • Ak 47
      Ak 47 4 meses atrás +4

      But he did shape the ice without tools

    • sujan aryal
      sujan aryal 4 meses atrás +2

      @Azurath100 they aren't saying to make the replica of the machine in the video. They are saying to make a mold in which you want to freeze the water into ice.

  • Airah Asim
    Airah Asim Mês atrás +1

    Them: what do you do for living
    Him: yeah I make ice

  • снежана зиньковская

    Классная штука, это и вправду выглядит хорошо, но отдавать за это от 500 до 800 фунтов дороговато. А так же озвучка просто класс, продолжай в том же духе. Акцент прикольный

  • Nevi Clarkston
    Nevi Clarkston 3 meses atrás

    I think your diamond looked better than the perfect one

  • Mini M•Y•A
    Mini M•Y•A 3 meses atrás

    How long does it take to make the shape of the ice