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How to Make Clear Ice from the Carton of Milk

  • Publicado em 19 Fev 2022
  • How to Make a good quality Clear Ice for Cocktails without Ice Molds
    If you use clean milk or juice box, cut out the top, fill it up with tap water, after 24 hours, you get a large block of cloudy ice. But if you put the same carton box into the insulated foam container and after 24 hours you get perfectly clear ice. Cut it into smaller pieces and ENJOY!
    The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Ice
    How To Make a Glass Out of Ice
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • Alexander Caro

    “Why are you throwing away milk”?

  • Trevor Gross

    The funniest part to any of these ice videos is the idea of having room for that foam cooler in the freezer

  • HenX
    HenX  +6

    Is it just me or does this man have the most calming voice ever

  • The Milk Män

    Did not expect a Kummeli reference in a video like this😂

  • LsTbh
    LsTbh  +1

    these videos would be awesome if i could legally drink

  • Sumueell
    Sumueell  +491

    Whaaaat that meme guy dancing when he shakes is old comedy show "Kummeli" from Finland :DD lol :D

  • duke gummybear

    Your videos make my day even though I quit drinking a long time ago.

  • Zaineb Alyy

    This man have a Master in ice and alcohol drinks 🤌

  • nuulondeerus

    That was Koistinen dancing! 🤣

  • S M Geezus

    Hey Vlad! You inspired me to make banana infused vodka!

  • Rogue_Volt

    Your voice gets me everytime, so soothing 😅

  • Sizwe Mbongwe

    “That wub bu bu bu burrrect” 😂😂I like you accent 🔥🔥🔥

  • JYNX
    JYNX  +158

    That’s cool!

  • El Gato con Mota

    Your voice is so soothing i just wanna sip on a cocktail with clear ice in it and scroll through all ur videos haha 😄

  • ♤NikkiandKatie♤

    This is so satisfying! And even he's voice is calming

  • uganda ocean man

    That clip with the guy waving his hands is from kummeli

  • Minahil Ali

    I love that I've seen so many videos of ice from you just in one day since I've come across your channel, learned a lot in one day

  • Cαѕѕιє

    Your voice is sooo nice and satisfying!

  • A Moose
    A Moose  +76

    Hey the guy in suspenders is a Finnish actor! Torille!