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Are Canned Cocktails Worth The Hype? 🤔

  • Publicado em 16 Jun 2022
  • Ready-to-go bottled and canned cocktails are incredibly growing in popularity since 2020. All popular and not-so-popular brands are offering inexpensive options for some of the most popular drinks in the World. I wanted to test the most popular top-selling cocktail, Moscow Mule, and compare it with a handcrafted version.
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Comentários • 772

  • GodMax, Drinker of Tea

    My dude, you have found a really good, reusable format for your channel. Nice

  • Pietro Colombo

    Try same format with different selzers plz, this format is so good

  • Gualla00

    This format is so good, please keep doing it

  • talonthehand

    Props for being able to laugh at yourself :D

  • Lucy Goosey

    The best part is your realization laugh at the end

  • kokorolex

    Now i know what brand to buy. Thank you!

    DJDJDJ  +5

    Always good content.. but more blind taste tests please 🙏🏽

  • Michael M
    Michael M  +720

    Moscow mules are so easy to make though, it feels like you'd just be wasting money on the premade one. Maybe a ramos gin fizz since it has orange blossom water and egg white, but I guess you'd have to shake it a lot anyway. Anything with hard to find ingredients seems like a better deal.

  • Simple Drake

    I'd like to see more of these taste tests of premade drinks, though all of your shorts are fantastic tbh

  • Seyi Bammeke

    I don't even drink and I enjoy watching your videos lol.

  • isawamoose

    "I'm getting hot" 😂

  • Blitz
    Blitz  +69

    "This is the real one, for sure"

  • fraser beck

    Put the prices in at the bottom just so we can compare. Maybe throw a really cheap one in and you have to guess which that was too

  • Sorren Blitz

    Bartenders holding a meeting about Canned cocktails: "They took our jerbs!"

  • Bald Guy
    Bald Guy  +65

    Please, do more of these blind taste tests!

  • Cyn

    I'm impressed and the best part: you will always get the same thing.

  • Spyderbrit

    Bro that laugh at the end.

  • Sean Viklünd

    Do more. I’m always broke and I want to get tipsy with decent drinks rather than shitty vodka and juice.

  • 𓅇ɐɥᴉɥɔ∩ ɐɹɐpɐW

    " Not sponsored "

  • Floor Panel

    Whenever I hear that "disgust" sound, all I can hear all the hungry from terraria