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Prime Hydration Never Tasted This Good 😋

  • Publicado em 2 Ago 2022
  • As promised, here is the drink I said I was going to make with the Blue Raspberry Prime Hydration. This drink has no alcohol so it can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime. Let me know if you have the chance to try it.
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • GG Memes

    Gotta see another version of sour patch cocktail, but use fuzzy peaches.

  • Darth Smirnoff

    I kept waiting for the booze.

  • Sam O'Hagan

    After watching this for the 13th time, I realised it’s non-alcoholic

  • Kawone Williams

    I had to watch it four times to make sure I didn't miss the alcohol.

  • Rohan Sriram

    When it’s 2am and you hear this guys voice after shitty shorts 😌

  • isoforonce
    isoforonce  +139

    Nice mocktail! Definitely going to try this one once I can find some prime myself.

  • V I B E K I N G

    "Let's make something special with it tomorrow"

  • NerdySlothBro

    That lime transition was smooth 😎

  • Chomdaim

    I enjoy the fact that you makes cocktails that are also non-alcoholic I just think it's a nice touch to the channel👍

  • The Wise Rooster

    Even though I don't drink, I still love watching your videos

  • Anna Lexi

    Looks so pretty!! Love the colors..

  • Kyle Meier

    I turn 21 next month what cocktails or drinks should i try. You should make a video on it!

  • Rachel Capehart

    Love the accent 😍

  • Hungry Besties
    Hungry Besties Dia atrĂĄs +1

    Great! So yummy! Have a great day

  • Bradley.sandy1

    Bro his lime juice transitions always make my day

  • Tate
    Tate  +21

    Vlad thanks your one of my favorite BRcliprs

  • K Mac

    I don't even drink alcohol. I just like listening to the smoothness of this man's voice. I must meet you!! 😍You should start doing ASMR or reading kids bedtime stories online...something! That smooth voice melts my soul!đŸ„°

  • Mr Tee

    I haven't found a more satisfying channel about making drinksđŸ€©

  • 侂捂çˆȘă„©ć°ș捂侹

    Can you make the most popular cocktail in the world?