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Rotating Whiskey Glassware from Aliexpress

  • Publicado em 7 Nov 2021
  • Rotating SHTOX $62 vs New Aliexpress $3 Unique rotating Glassware for Whiskey and Whiskey cocktails!
    In the previous episode, I featured 2 different, unique whiskey glasses.
    2 different types of spinning glasses make the drinking experience more fun.
    It wasn't even close and the original Shtox glass was way better.
    One of my dear subscribers pointed out a new store on Aliexpress with better quality glassware and I decided to buy and compare them right away!
    SHTOX rotating glass
    The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Ice brclip.com/video/PpBzl5KlafM/video.html
    Whiskey Glassware Original vs AliExpress
    Unique Glassware for Whiskey and Whiskey cocktails
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Comentários • 2 234

  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • ViviXIO
    ViviXIO  +37

    the german glass rotates quite a bit smoother, but wow does it spin well

  • Louis Weisz

    If you’re a bar: buy the shtox.

  • anana
    anana  +194

    I got confused halfway through trying to figure out which glass was which, I could have sworn you’ve shown me at least 5 different ones

  • MyNameIsGhost

    Imagine paying $62 to watch liquid rotate

  • average ghostkeel pilot

    Your voice... FEELS GOOD🗿

  • Alex Yurcek


  • 🛡️357_Maxim🛡️

    It seems both the German and Chinese brands are ripping someone off

  • TwixyTV

    Your voice is so calming 😴

  • HDMI 147

    I love the Halo 6, you have a great knife.

  • Praetorian

    Honestly I’m all for quality when it comes to certain things. But IMO, a glass is a glass. I’d rather spend 3-4$ for a glass over 64$.

  • Ася не Настя
    Ася не Настя 21 dia atrás +5

    Your voice is so deep and soothing 😳

  • Maump
    Maump  +6

    The reason “made in China” is associated with “low quality and cheap” is because low quality and cheap is the most profitable way to go. The world loves cheap and low quality stuff, they sell the best. This doesn’t mean China isn’t capable of manufacturing high quality goods.

  • Satan yes that one

    I’ve always wondered how they spin the glasses so easily and smoothly in the movies hahaha I never knew this sort of glass existed

  • RazorFades

    the voice is so calming

  • Nikooru
    Nikooru  +40

    I don't know why I'm being recommended this, but your voice is amazing

  • VmR
    VmR  +82

    I don't need special glass bc when I drink a lot, evething spins around me. For Free! 🤣

  • ododm1

    His accent is so addictive...

  • LordRae
    LordRae  +107

    I bought one of the Shtox glasses after a video you did like a year ago. Really glad I did even if you can get a knock off cheaper. It's my favorite glass.