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Why This Knife is the BEST EVER 🔪

  • Publicado em 31 Dez 2021
  • This is the only knife you need!
    You always ask me what knife I'm using in my videos
    I use a serrated knife to make a small cut across the large ice blocks.
    A large butcher knife to split it into smaller ice cubes,
    But my favorite is a super-sharp 11-inch slicing knife from MARICO
    I use it to cut ice diamonds, cubes, make all kinds of garnishes, citrus zest
    And also slice large fruits such as Pineapple or watermelon.
    Last is a small peeling knife made from high carbon German stainless steel.
    The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Ice brclip.com/video/PpBzl5KlafM/video.html
    Ice Diamonds in Cocktails

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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • Radical Cat


  • Jonzi
    Jonzi  +4

    The reason Babish’s knives are so brilliant from a business standpoint is because his brand of knives can survive outside of his BRclip channel. Most youtubers sell merch specific to their brand, that would immediately fail if anything ever happened to their yt career. However, even if Babish decides to quit uploading, people will continue to buy and use his knives.

  • Sharp Enough To Code

    I won’t feel adequate until I up the quality of my knives vs just picking up randoms from Walmart 😭

  • Porting and Easy Charger

    Ooh. I've got a birthday present for mum now.

  • Christine Camley

    Terrific demonstration Vlad!! This looks like the knife to get to cut ice! I make my own and cut it up!! Ice matters!! Great info!! :-)

  • Matthew Watkins

    His voice is so nostalgic.

  • myogaみょが

    I can't be the only one who is obsessed with his accent for some reason

  • Elle van Veelen

    The sound of that serrated knife cutting into the ice was 👌😩

  • Mohsen bhatt

    Man i love your voice ❤️

  • Nikki Berry

    Why is the sound of the serrated knife cutting ice so satisfying?

  • Noah .12

    His voice 🤤

  • Oliviat Smith

    Dude I had headphones in and your voice sounded so amazing

  • Xaver
    Xaver  +142

    i dunno why but i vibe with the whole "Each chef has their signature/go-to knife!" thing. it's just so fuckin fantasy-like-

  • Lazy-Drgon008

    Bro I don't know why but I love you voice it sooo cool

  • One-Man
    One-Man  +1

    The voice is so soothing 😌, btw nice video

  • emba
    emba  +8

    Are we gonna talk about how clear that ice is because damn that looks clean

  • Bad Comedian

    Damn where do you work, i want a drink at whatever bar you're working at

  • Fake German

    Whys this guys videos so weirdly satisfying

  • Leonidas The Duck

    Vlad: talking about knifes