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This Drink Turns Summer Into Winter 🌞🥶

  • Publicado em 16 Jul 2022
  • Are you looking for the perfect summer cocktail to help you cool down in this heat? I made a simple, yet refreshing yuzu drink that I tried while I was in Dallas.
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Comentários • 1 270

  • Amit Joe
    Amit Joe  +10

    Bro literally changed a season just from making a drink 🙂

  • Zabadbadbad

    The way he he records his shots with motions feel so, 👌NOICE

  • KimMoxie
    KimMoxie  +123

    Vlad you look right at home in a T-shirt in the snow! 😂💕

  • Sepi
    Sepi  +4

    Love how the infusion jar and the shaker are one and the same.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse  +44

    "Let's make the best drink to beat the summer heat"

  • ghostii
    ghostii  +1

    Ur voice is so soothing

  • The rookie gaming / painting showing

    No one gonna talk about how clean those edits are

  • Stephen Wilson

    Don't look at me and shake like that without blinking.. ever

  • Minna Chen

    This looks absolutely refreshing ☀️

  • neers

    Your voice is so calming, you should definitely do a podcast or something of you just explaining how you make different drinks and other things

  • S

    i cant stress how happy the tense eye contact makes me. something about that 👁️👁️ makes me giggle

  • Pete Alexander

    Dokuryan: "whatcha gonna do with them cucumbers?"

  • T

    That whole lime to juiced lime edit is always so smooth, appreciate the effort that goes into the edit!

  • Yuri Dry

    I love all your video’s! They are so interesting and fun to watch. 🍸❤️

  • Dovakhiin Master

    Oh my gosh, I've been exactly where he was! That's cool!

  • Xybelana

    The fact that he just stares at us when he shakes the bottle scares me

  • Lavish

    Dude, this video is so satisfying like I remember about it and come and watch it again. Idk why but it's just too refreshing to think about lol

  • ZenGod
    ZenGod  +24

    First time commenting on the many videos I have seen of you, Can you do a video on remaking the Finnish Long Drink?

  • cakeman21

    His voice is just so nice sounding and I love it

  • Yash

    Woahhh the edits and the fluidity of ur video is soo good now