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Margarita VS Logan Paul's Primerita 🍋

  • Publicado em 14 Jul 2022
  • Logan Paul and KSI's Prime Hydration may be a decent "sports" drink, but I did my best to make a good margarita out of the lemon-lime flavor and I failed.
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Comentários • 1 011

  • Dani Tho
    Dani Tho  +10

    It's the look of "wtf happened here" that's getting me

  • Pixal Dragon

    i love your sense of humor whenever you show comments

  • Juan
    Juan  +3

    "Overhyped tequila " 😂 I swear I seen a video of the rock advertise his drink after every word he said

  • Van_z
    Van_z  +4

    I don’t think Paul fans exist anymore

  • Oimatejohnson Oimatejohnson

    lol, caught that terraria wof sound effect. good shit bro, keep em comin

  • Adrian
    Adrian  +411

    "Overhyped tequila " good one 😂😂

  • RoseaBee
    RoseaBee  +292

    Best part is that expression after tasting it was a geniue "wtf is this" reaction.

  • Stefan Green

    The sheer horror in his face had me dying

  • Ant1Matter
    Ant1Matter  +335

    Prime is the only good decision Logan Paul has made lol

  • mach
    mach  +46

    if i become an alcoholic i blame vlad, the drinks he makes look good af

  • Cassia Prior

    The fact that all those comnets had a heart from Vlad makes this video even better XD

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett  +121

    Ah, the eye contact while you're shaking 😇

  • Nobody
    Nobody  +13

    I love how vlad always keeps hes smile even when doing bottle flips with prime

  • BABY
    BABY Dia atrás

    Love how honest you are; I hope you stay like this forever and don’t make us fall for the hype 🙏🏽❤️


    Your voice is so soothing always love your videos

  • Captain_Commenter

    Vlad took one sip of that Primerita and insulted it in every way possible with his eyes

  • Mr Snakes

    Love your channel and how you create content you want regardless of the comments that got me good ngl

  • nexuspalkia

    the wall of flesh sound affect had me replaying to see if I heard it right

  • Marjoss1
    Marjoss1  +11

    That smile gets me every damn time…

  • Zoned out

    You looked so disappointed like "This wasn't supposed to be this bad tho..." 😂