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You Need to Learn this Simple Can Trick

  • Publicado em 2 Dez 2021
  • You Need to Learn this Simple Soda Can Trick
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  • Vlad SlickBartender


  • Maclane Baucom

    your microphone quality is so goodddd

  • LiterallyNoOne

    I don't even care about bartricks, I'm just here loving the crispy mic quality with your voice

  • R B
    R B  +9

    I just tried this and I'm loving it! If you don't use open can and it's locked, I highly doubt an accident can happen. When I used open can I instantly spilt some so yeah, using open one is a bad idea.

  • J.Mossman
    J.Mossman  +440

    I feel like the clarity of your voice is speaking directly to my brain.

  • WalkingL

    "And it might be a lil challenging to do it when your hand is dry. To make it a lil bit wet, This is my starting position, but it might be more natural for you to start from here. Push it down then while sliding to the center of your hand, slightly turn it and open up your fingers. When you feel that it's slightly stuck there and not going anywhere, turn it to comfortable position to pour and open."

  • That Guy
    That Guy 12 horas atrás +2

    Your voice literally becomes my internal monologue when I watch your videos, it takes me by surprise cause I’m usually scrolling through shorts with not as high quality audio. Very soothing

  • mirlach.productions

    That is cool. I’m just afraid of messing it up when I try to impress ma girl 😂

  • KestrelWish

    This seems pretty fun actually, I managed to get it to work once so that's cool.

  • Torlak Kårstad

    I’ve been doing this since elementary school, never thought I’d see anyone else do this!

  • A cat hitting a vape.
    A cat hitting a vape. 14 horas atrás

    Man i love your channel but you always make me so thirsty 😂. Love the content man! Keep going and thank you for making this wonderful content! ❤

  • Hamoud kh

    Three years ago I learrned this from you and I impressed literally everyone with it I love your content

  • Unspoken Panda

    Him: it’s the easiest bar trick

  • Zach McPhearson

    Thanks! I’m so excited to get a palm hickey at the end of my 8 hour shift!

  • gargoyle

    the ~woah- part 😊

  • Geino That Guy

    Ayo I see ur calluses. Keep up the gainz

  • Dahmi
    Dahmi  +2

    bro you really sound like n0ted my fav streamer lol

  • HuRrDurR

    This video gets a whole different meaning with closed eyes

  • Marty Anderson

    I've got hyperhydrosis. It's like I was made for this

  • LovingAtlanta

    👍🤩Cool 💝